No.035 DAZZI

No.035 Pals is DAZZI, a lightning girl who accumulates a frightening amount of electricity in her fluffy clouds.

Dazzi Wiki

Dazzi Wiki

Paldeck Number: 035
Element: Electric
Partner Skill: Lady of Lightning
Works for: Handiwork Lv1, Transporting Lv1, Generating Electricity Lv1
Drops: Electric Organ

Dazzi Breeding Guide

Lamball + Caprity = Dazzi

For more details, check out our Palworld Breeding Combos & Calculator.

Active Skills

  1. Air Cannon (Level 1)
    Quickly fires a burst of highly pressurized air.
  2. Shockwave (Level 7)
    Quickly discharges electricity, shocking those around it.
  3. Acid Rain (Level 15)
    Creates acidic clouds that pour down acid rain on enemies.
  4. Lightning Streak (Level 22)
    Generates a lightning bolt that moves forward in a line.
  5. Tri-Lightning (Level 30)
    Generates lightning that strikes an enemy three times from above.
  6. Lightning Strike (Level 40)
    Acts as a lightning rod, calling down thunderbolts that electrocute the surrounding area.
  7. Lightning Bolt (Level 50)
    Charges electric energy before blasting enemies with a powerful shock.

Dazzi Location

The following locations are suggested for catching Dazzi as they have been tested and proven to be easy to catch in these locations.

Dazzi Location

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