Palworld Xbox Update

An update has just been released for the Xbox and Microsoft Store PC versions. Numerous bugs have been fixed, including sound issues.

[Known Bugs after Xbox Update] The following bugs have been identified in this version and pocketpair are currently working on a fix. They apologize for inconvenience.

<Xbox version>

  • ・The game launches to a static black screen.

<Microsoft Store PC version>

  • ・The game launches to a static black screen.
  • ・The control pad is not recognized.
  • ・The key guide display is not displayed correctly.
  • ・There is no button to quit the game.

There seems to be a unknown bug where xbox players are being prevented from joining multiplayer sessions.

<Multiplayer available>

・Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

・Or purchase Palworld and subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Core

<Multiplayer unavailable>

・Xbox Game Pass for Console

・Xbox Game Pass PC



  1. robert james cushing Reply

    I really enjoy this ☺️ as it has the pokemon effect to it and iv been waiting for a game like this to come out on xbox for such a long time. I really enjoy everything about the game even though its in beta mode and I find it runs very smoothly compared to most games in beta. I think the map is amazing and the way your able to do so much given it anit long been released so plz keep up the amazing work and I’m loveing the fact u habe put out a few updates all ready as most would not have ty u so much and im looking forward to whats to come 😀❤️👍👊

  2. Markus Reply

    The game is super good but the crashes are bad. I play on Xbox series s and I can’t get into a dungeon or onto a crossroads without the game crashing. Please fix the problem, otherwise it would be the best game in a long time.

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