No.028 Pal is TANZEE, a pal who is highly intelligent and has learned to use firearms by studying human behaviour.

Tanzee Wiki


Paldeck Number: 028
Element: Grass
Partner Skill: Cheery Rifle
Works for: Planting Lv1, Handiwork Lv1, Lumbering Lv1, Transporting Lv1, Gathering Lv1
Drops: Mushroom

Tanzee Breeding Guide

Tanzee + Loupmoon = Lunaris

Active Skills

  1. Wind Cutter (Level 1)
    Fires a high speed blade of wind that flies straight at an enemy.
  2. Stone Blast (Level 7)
    Hurls sticky mud at an enemy.
  3. Seed Machine Gun (Level 15)
    Fires a volley of hard seeds at enemies in front of it.
  4. Seed Mine (Level 22)
    If it hits an enemy, the seed explodes.
  5. Stone Cannon (Level 30)
    Digs up a boulder and hurls it at an enemy.
  6. Grass Tornado (Level 40)
    Generates two tornadoes on either side before launching them at an enemy.
  7. Solar Blast (Level 50)
    Charges solar energy before blasting enemies with a powerful beam.

Tanzee Location

The following locations are suggested to catch Tanzee.

Tanzee Location

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