Wichtige Informationen zu den Pal-Elementen

Wichtige Informationen zu den Pal-Elementen

This chart leaves out some important details

Pal attacks are super effective against the types shown. When attacked with the corresponding element, the numbers will be shown in red, similar to a headshot, to indicate super-effective damage.

ePals are also resistant to the same elements that they are super effective against, as well as their own element. These numbers will be shown in grey to indicate less effective damage.

Dual-type Kumpels will follow the same rules for both of their elements. This can cancel out a weakness. For example, a penking (lce and water) will take normal damage from fire attacks, indicated by white numbers.

WTF is Stab? Stab stands for Same-Type Attack Bonus. It’s a small bonus to attack damage if your pal shares a type with that attack. A fire pal will deal more damage with a fire attack than a pal of a different type using the same attack. The community has calculated this bonus to be about 20%.

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