Starter Palworld: Welchen Kumpel soll ich wählen, um das Abenteuer zu beginnen?

All the buddies are very helpful at Palworld. For example, LAMBALL and Remus are great for running a farm and providing you with wool to make fabric. Kattiva has no specialization, but she is perfect as a transporter, assembler, or even a builder. Chiquipi, on the other hand, is great at producing eggs to feed other buddies.

But this joyful menagerie lacks the type of pal needed to continue your adventure: the pal of fire. We strongly advise you to look for Foxpark, the first friend who will help you in many combat situations, not just this one.

Foxparks has two main uses that are very important for your adventure:

  • It acts like a flamethrower, destroying wild friends of the opposite type.
  • Ensures the proper functioning of your camp by refueling the forge or cooking fire.

Without Foxparks, you will not be able to make good dishes, much less forge metal ingots useful for certain structures.

Where Foxmarks lives.

Where Foxmarks lives

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