No. 030 is “MOSSANDA”, a muscle-mad pal who destroys everything with unbelievable power.

Mossanda Wiki

  • Número Paldeck: 030
  • Elemento: Grass
  • Habilidad de socio: Grenadier Panda
  • Sirve para: Planting Lv2, Handiwork Lv2, Lumbering Lv2, Transporting Lv3
  • Gotas: Mushroom, Leather, Tomato Seeds

Mossanda Breeding Guide

Penking + Warsect = Mossanda

Habilidades activas

  1. Power Shot (Level 1)
    Charges energy into a focused blast.
  2. Seed Machine Gun (Level 7)
    Fires a volley of hard seeds at enemies in front of it.
  3. Stone Cannon (Level 15)
    Digs up a boulder and hurls it at an enemy.
  4. Crushing Punch (Level 22)
    Winds up its fist before striking an enemy with a devastating punch.
  5. Seed Mine (Level 30)
    If it hits an enemy, the seed explodes.
  6. Spine Vine (Level 40)
    Generates spiny thorns that chase an enemy along the ground, piercing them from below.
  7. Solar Blast (Level 50)
    Charges solar energy before blasting enemies with a powerful beam.

Mossanda Location

The following locations are suggested to catch Mossanda.

Mossanda Location

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