La mise à jour a été publiée pour Palworld avec le boss de raid Bella noir.

Patch for Palworld has been released, so now we can fight the first raid boss, evaluate new items and build two more structures.

The developers of the “Pokémon” sandbox Palworld have released a big update It added the first raid boss – Bella noir to the game. This opponent cannot be tamed, but the eggs of the bollards may fall out of him.

Plus, there is an extreme version of this boss, designed for people who want to find hardcore adventures for their loin. Medicines have become available that slowly restore the character’s health when used. The following subjects were introduced:

  • Training Manual – gives experience points to palm, Ancient Technical Manual – provides glasses of ancient technologies, Homeward Thundercloud – teleports us to the nearest base;
  • Ability Glasses – putting them on, we will see the characteristics of the fallen, Power Fruit, Life Fruit, Stout Fruit – increase the characteristics when used, Mercy Hit – with this ring, the character will not be able to reduce the health of an enemy fallen below 1 HP;
  • Multiclimate Undershirt is an armor that protects from heat and cold at the same time.

New buildings have been added: Electric Egg Incubator – an egg incubator powered by electricity (automatically adjusts the temperature), and Ore Mining Site – a place to mine ore at its base.

There are filters for chests. We were allowed to change the character’s appearance using an antique chest of drawers. Improved textures and models of creatures. All kinds of bugs and exploits have been fixed. Alpha bollards can now hatch from eggs. Flying and floating floors have stopped taking damage from falling.

The prices in the store have been adjusted. The emotion of “Sleeping” became available. Until April 16, you will be able to buy Padworld in the Steam store for 990 rubles, as a 10% discount is valid.


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