No.022 pal is PENGULLET, a Pal whose petite wings reflect its place at the bottom of the waterfront’s food chain.

Pengullet Wiki

  • 팔덱 번호: 022
  • 요소: Water/Ice
  • 파트너 스킬: Pengullet Cannon
  • 작동 대상: Handiwork Lv1, Transporting Lv1, Watering Lv1, Cooling Lv1
  • 방울: Ice Organ, Pal Fluids

Pengullet Breeding Guide

Mau + Pengullet = Mau Cryst
Jolthog + Pengullet = Jolthog Cryst

액티브 스킬

  1. Ice Missile (Level 1)
    적을 향해 날아가는 얼음 창을 공중에서 생성합니다.
  2. Hydro Jet (Level 7)
    적에게 고속으로 물덩이를 던집니다.
  3. Aqua Gun (Level 15)
    Hurls a ball of water straight at an enemy.
  4. Icicle Cutter (Level 22)
    Creates a crescent blade of ice and hurls it forward.
  5. Iceberg (Level 30)
    Summons a sharp ice lance under an enemy.
  6. Blizzard Spike (Level 40)
    It deals damage to those in the surrounding area upon impact.
  7. Hydro Laser (Level 50)
    Shoots pressurized water at extreme velocities, sweeping over a wide area in front of it.

Pengullet Location

The following locations are suggested to caught easily Pengullet.

Pengullet Location

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