No.025 Pal is “MELPACA” a pal with strong legs that you would never guess from its fluffy appearance.

Melpaca Wiki

  • Paldeck Number: 025
  • Element: Neutral
  • Partner Skill: Pacapaca Wool
  • Works for: Farming Lv1
  • Drops: Wool, Leather

Melpaca Breeding Guide

Cattiva + Reptyro = Melpaca

Active Skills

  1. Air Cannon (Level 1)
    Quickly fires a burst of highly pressurized air.
  2. Fluffy Tackle (Level 7)
    Charges forward while clad in an aura of sublime adorableness.
  3. Sand Blast (Level 15)
    Hurls sticky mud at an enemy.
  4. Power Shot (Level 22)
    Charges energy into a focused blast.
  5. Shockwave (Level 30)
    Quickly discharges electricity, shocking those around it.
  6. Power Bomb (Level 40)
    Charges a massive amount of energy before firing a large destructive ball.
  7. Pal Blast (Level 50)
    Charges destructive energy before firing a high-powered beam forward across a wide area.

Melpaca Location

The following locations are suggested to catch Melpaca.

Melpaca Location

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