Palworld: How to increase the maximum weight of our backpack?

Although Palworld is a survival game, you don’t have to upgrade your backpack. But even though you can store a lot of items in your inventory, you will need to pay attention to the weight of all these items so as not to clutter them.

The easiest and most natural way is to improve your current weight: to level up your character. The size of your inventory is really important so that you don’t have to worry about the resources you’ll find while exploring.

Add friends to your team who will improve the weight of the backpack.

In addition to the possibility of assigning status points for the capacity of portable items, Pals will help you lighten your backpack a little. Some Pals are designed for farm use, others for combat use, but there are Pals that will increase the size of your bag. The latter, using a special partner skill, will be able to carry some of your belongings when they are handed over to your

Here is a small selection of our favorite Pals to increase the maximum weight of the backpack:

  • Lunar is: Thanks to the Anti-gravity skill, increases the backpack (+80).
  • Kinshasa: thanks to his skill “Mountain of Muscles”, he carries the player’s belongings with him when he is on the team (+100).
  • Brotherly: thanks to his skill “Excessive Love”, he carries the player’s belongings with him when he is on the team (+?).

You will find their location below, but be careful, you will have to be patient and have Mega or Giga spheres, because they are not going to give up!

To try to get even more space, you can improve your partner’s skills (Level 1 ⮕Level 2), enriching the Pala. You will need to reach level 14 to unlock this installation using coins from an ancient civilization and ancient technology points. To make an improvement, you will need 5 Sexes of the same type: 1 Pal who will receive improvements, and 4 Pal to improve it.

Use the storage space

This advice is obvious, but players often forget it: consider putting storage spaces in your camp. Wooden boxes or shelves are great for storing resources that you collect, process, or create.

Make them available to friends in your camp so they can store resources when needed. This will lighten your bag, but it will also allow you to have a camp that does not have several small bags of resources lying on the ground.

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