Palworld Release Time


Palworld will be available on Game Pass for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and PC starting at 12 am PST (Pacific Time) on January 19.

Here is when you can get your hands on Palworld:

Time Zone

Release Time

Pacific Time (PST)

12: 00 AM (January 19)

Mountain Time (MT)

01: 00 AM (January 19)

Central Time (CT)

02: 00 AM (January 19)

Eastern Time (ET)

03: 00 AM (January 19)

Atlantic Time (AT)

04: 00 AM (January 19)

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UTC)

08: 00 AM (January 19)

Central European Time (CET)

09: 00 AM (January 19)

Eastern European Time (EET)

10: 00 AM (January 19)

Indian Standard Time (IST)

01: 30 PM (January 19)

China Standard Time (CST)

04: 00 PM (January 19)

Japan Standard Time (JST)

05: 00 PM (January 19)

Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

07: 00 PM (January 19)

Tips: Apart from the release date and time, the developers have also revealed the pricing of the game. At early access launch, Palworld will cost $29.99. The price may vary depending on the region you live in. The developers have also released in their FAQ that the game will not have any PvP at launch; however, the team is actively working on finding the proper PvP setting for Palworld, and this feature might arrive soon.


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