The best passive Skills in Palworld

The more you play Palworld, the more you will have to think about optimizing the work of your friends. In this case, it should be remembered that in addition to their internal features, passive skills are the key to forming the most effective and long-lasting optimization, which will be able to withstand not only light, but also noticeable changes and problems.

However, passive skills are random for all buddies, so there is no guarantee that you will get them at all by catching a creature. In addition, no one promises you that all the open skills that you will receive will be as useful as possible. Since there are a lot of them, and they differ in levels and strength, without this guide it will be very difficult to explain to yourself what passive skills are, how to find the most important ones, as well as the best ones.

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Explanation of passive skills

As mentioned, passive skills are random for all buddies, which means you can’t always get the ones you really need. Accordingly, in most cases it will not be possible to complement a particular friend with the skill that you really want to see.

Although most passive skills can be applied to any friend, there are a few special ones that cannot be applied in this way. If we talk about one of them, which is called “Lucky,” then it provides an increase in attack speed and performance of 15%. This feature makes it the only known skill in the game that increases the speed of work and attack. The “lucky one” will always be present in any creature you find; however, there is no guarantee that you will have any additional skills. As for the passive skill “Legend,” which can be found in Legendary Sticks, it is also rare and is a bonus unique to selected friends throughout the game, increasing the number of combat characteristics.

Since these skills are quite rare, although they may include some of the best or most unique performance enhancement combinations in the entire game, still, of course, it’s worth working very hard to get them. Actually getting them is not the easiest task, especially if you are still new to the game. The next section contains lists covering the best passive skills that you can find in Palworld, not only for general use, but also for all other tasks.

The best passive skills for collecting resources and basic Sticks

Whether it’s an additional speed of work or a reduced speed (when creatures lose their minds), there are several skills that you should pay attention to when starting to optimize it. They are useful for friends working at your base and constantly exploring the open world with you.

Below are the best passive skills for collecting resources in Palworld:

  • “The artisan.” Perhaps the best of all, as it increases the overall speed of work by 50%,
  • “Workaholic.” This is a skill that slows down the rate at which a friend’s sanity level drops by 15%. This means Pal will be able to work more before he needs a break.
  • “Foreman of Mines” and “Foreman of Loggers” They increase the efficiency of the relevant tasks by 25% (at the time of writing this guide, this applies only to trees and mining sites in the world and not to logging and quarries, which you can start working with at any time). Of course, buddies with these traits should also be in your group so that you can get an advantage.
  • “Motivational leader.” This skill gives a +25% bonus to the player’s speed. Speaking in more detail, this refers to your own speed of work inside the structures located on the territory of the base. Again, a buddy with this trait needs to be on your team for this skill to start working.

If you are not particularly lucky to receive some of the more significant improvements provided by the aforementioned passive skills, you can still find some good performance improvements from lower-level passive skills as well. Some of them are quite close to their higher-level counterparts, for example, the “Positive Thinker”, which slows down the rate of decline of a friend’s sanity by 10%, which makes him only 5% less effective than the aforementioned “Workaholic”. This only means that it is a good alternative that will perform well until you find that very “Workaholic” skill. Other lower-level skills have their drawbacks along with performance upgrades, but they can still be useful at the beginning of the game until you start to really optimize those passive skills that you really need.

The best passive skills for combat friends and those who are directly in the team

When it comes to your group, ideally you should look for buddies who are suitable for different occasions and circumstances. Without this, it will be very difficult to conduct a study of the world, which is a complex activity. Many of them are as simple as increasing attack or defense, but others are more specific and involve increased movement speed and similar changes.

Below are the best combat and group passive skills in Palworld:

  • “Swift.” A passive skill that increases the movement speed of your buddies by 30%, which is ideal for those of them that you can use as mounts. Alternatively, you can use the “Running” skill, which has the same effect, only with an increase of 20%;
  • “Big guy.” One of the best passive skills in the game when it comes to combat, boosting attack by 30%. The speed of work is reduced by 50%, but if you want to have a friend in your group who will perform well on the front line, then this should not confuse you;
  • “Lover of dieting.” This is not so much a passive skill that you are likely to hunt for, because it can be a good bonus for any buddy in your team, reducing the likelihood of reducing his hunger by 15%;
  • “Avangard” and “Fortress Strategist”. Two passive skills that improve the characteristics of the player, with which you can easily find a friend. Each of them increases the player’s attack and defense by 10%, respectively. These are the only player-oriented skills that you can get. The best part is that they add up, which means that you can get up to 50% bonus attack and/or defense.

The researchers identified and analyzed the best passive skills in the game called Palworld. Now, players only need to find the best passive skills in Palworld and, once this task is completed, they must learn how to use them correctly and effectively!


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