Palworld Weapons

Palworld weapons are becoming an integral part of the strategy, a Captivating fusion of firearms and Pokémon-like monster hunting, has captured the attention of gamers worldwide. With a huge arsenal ranging from bows with spears to pistols with grenades, players are given the opportunity to choose weapons that suit their playing style and situation. From primitive tools to cutting-edge firearms, Palworld offers a diverse range of weapons to ensure your survival. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into all the weapons available, providing insight into their unlock levels and crafting recipes.

All bows in Palworld

The game features seven types of bows, each with a unique skill. For example, you can shoot enemies or set them on fire. Below is a list of all the bows in Palworld and the conditions for their opening:

Weapon Name Level Recipe
Old Onion 3 Wood (x30), Stone (x5), Fiber (x15).
Fire Bow 5 Wood (x40), Stone (x8), Fiber (x20), Flame organ (x2).
Poison Onion 8 Wood (x40), Stone (x8), Fiber (x20) Poison (x2).
Triple Shot Bow 10 Wood (x50), Stone (x12), Fiber (x30).
Crossbow 13 Wood (x50), Stone (x40), Ingot (x10), Nail (x5).
Fire Crossbow 15 Wood (x 50), Stone (x50), Ingot (x15), Nail (x5), 5 Flame Organs.
Poisonous crossbow 17 Wood (x50), Stone (x50), Ingot (x15), Nail (x5), Poison (x5).

List of melee weapons in Palworld

For fans of close combat, axes, spears or maces are perfect. Here are the recipes and conditions for opening this weapon in Palworld:

Weapon Name Level Recipe
Hand torch 1 Wood (x2), Stone (x2).
Stone Axe 1 Wood (x5), Stone (x5).
The Mace 1 The tree (x5).
Stone Spear 4 Wood (x18), Stone (x6).
Baseball bat 7 Wood (x30), Stone (x30).
Metal Axe 11 Stone (x15), Wood (x20), Ingot (x5).
Metal spear 13 Wood (x27), Stone (x12), Ingot (x10).
An exquisite axe 34 Stone (x 30), Wood (x40), Refined ingot (x10).
An exquisite spear 34 Wood (x36), Stone (x18), Refined ingot (x10).

Other weapons in Palworld: grenades, rifles and shotguns

Bows and axes are good, but the most powerful weapons will require expensive and rare resources such as ingots, polymers or oil. We show recipes for the most powerful weapons in Palworld.

Weapon Name Level Recipe
The Musket 21 Iron ingot (x 25), Oil (x5), Wood (x30).
A hand-made pistol 25 Iron Ingot (x35), Oil (x10), Fiber (x30).
Gun 29 Iron ingot (x50), Oil (x15).
Fragmentation grenade 31 Fiber (x10), Stone (x10, Gunpowder (x1).
Bolt-action rifle 36 Purified ingot (x20), Polymers (x5).
Double-barreled shotgun 39 Purified ingot (x30), Polymers (x7).
Pump-action shotgun 42 Refined ingot (x30), Polymers (x20), Carbon fiber (x40).
Assault rifle 45 Refined ingot (x40), Polymers (x10), Carbon fiber (x30).
The launcher 49 Metal ingot Pal (x75), Polymers (x30), Carbon fiber (x50).