Palworld 沙盒的作者展示了 PvP 竞技场模式的预告片

Thanks to a new video from the Palworld sandbox team, we learned what to expect from the PVP Arena mode, which will appear in the game before the end of 2024.

The authors of the “Pokémon” sandbox Palworld posted a teaser trailer for the mode called Arena on YouTube. It is with the help of him that we will have the opportunity to take part in PVP battles together with our salami.

The developers are not yet ready to share detailed details with gamers regarding the battles between users, but the release of Pal world Arena will take place before the end of 2024.

trailer pvp regima palworld arena

In addition, a big update will be released in the summer, which will introduce a new island, new bollards, additional buildings, weapons and many other important changes to the game.

Until April 16, Palworld Steam store will allow you to buy for 990 rubles, as a 10% discount is valid. People who want to evaluate new and sometimes obscene content for this project right now should download free mods from Nexus Mods.



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